Barb Fyvie | the AER portraits

Barb Fyvie is one of the Artists of Elk Run‘s painters. In the past she’s been known for her amazing winter forest scenes, but these days she’s excited to be doing more abstract work with the most amazing bright, bold colours.

I got to see a bit of her process when I visited her studio a couple of months ago and it was so inspiring to watch. I find her use of colour to be so gutsy and inspiring – I’ve always shied away from vibrant colour, but I am just so enamored with it in Barb’s work!

Barb F_0012 co

I’m super sad this week because Barb is having to move out of her studio, which means I’m loosing my AER neighbour. Barb was the first Artist of Elk Run I met when I moved into my current studio. Her studio is just above mine and she welcomed me into the building and the area so warmly. She’s been such an important part of the AER group; we are really hoping she’ll move in to a new studio near by!

In the meantime, she has a big show coming up in October in Edmonton. Follow along with her on Instagram to see her current work and get more details about shows and what Barb is up to!

Barb F_0085 co

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