Kathryn Cooke | the AER portraits

For this installment in my Artists of Elk Run portrait project, I’d like to introduce my friend, Kathryn Cooke of Blue Eyes Studio.


Whenever I walk into Kathryn’s space, I am instantly super-inspired and overcome by a huge urge to make something. She has the most interesting collection of materials, found and made, and her studio feels like a workshop where magic is definitely going to happen.

I photographed Kathryn this past winter, early in the project, and at that time I was only doing portraits of the artist herself. After my first few sessions with the AER crew, I ended up deciding to shoot more of the process/environment in the studios. I think I have to go back to Kathryn’s studio to do that someday, because seriously, guys, she has the COOLEST stuff in there 🙂


Kathryn is doing beautiful work, from painting and drawing, to mixed media, to sculpture, textiles, a little bit of everything. She’s a very thoughtful, soulful artist and she also works as a pediatrician and a therapeutic arts facilitator.


You can find a bit more about Kathryn and her work here. And she also has a display in Canmore’s Civic Centre at the moment, so go and check that out!


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