Kari Woo | the AER portraits

When I moved into the studio I’m currently still loving (and hope to remain in for a long time) I was welcomed into this inspiring group of working artists called The Artists of Elk Run. Do you know that Canmore is home an incredible number of professional, working artists? It is (it’s amazing how much art is being produced here!) and this group is made up of the ones who have studios over in the Elk Run industrial area. It’s so lovely to have been included in this group – I have to much to learn from each of them.

In the spirit of making time for personal work, I decided a few months ago to start a series of portraits of the Artists of Elk Run at home in their own studios. Everyone in the group is very busy making art and running businesses, so the project will be shared here bit by bit, over time. I hope you are introduced to someone new to you, and I encourage you to check each one of the artists out yourself!

This is Kari Woo – designer and jeweler. Her space is absolutely packed with visual gems and I got to witness some of her fire-y process (I even got to hold the torch!) There’s a little bit of magic goin’ on in this sweet little studio, that’s for sure.kari-blog-2






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