Red Queen

I am always saying that I need to make more time for personal work and creative collaborations with the talented artists I know, and lately I’ve been putting more effort into actually making these shoots happen once in a while ~ oh how I with they could happen more often!  But even if they only come about once in a blue moon, they still do wonders for my soul. It’s so important to stretch the creative muscles now and then.

Here are a few images from a crazy fun studio session back in the fall. I was riffing on Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts for inspiration, and trying new things with a gorgeous team of gals…

Alexis McKeown Portrait-AMP_6514_f

Conceptualizing/Brainstorming Partner + Accessory Creator: Helena Waddock |  Makeup: Linda Sahoo  |  Hair: Sam Roycroft  |  Model (and very dear friend): Kate Ellis

Alexis McKeown Portrait-AMP_6442_f Alexis McKeown Portrait-AMP_6438_fAlexis McKeown Portrait-AMP_6403_e Alexis McKeown Portrait-AMP_6395_f Alexis McKeown Portrait-AMP_6459_f


If you could design a shoot around a character from literature, who would you choose?



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