Painted Faces

Lately I have been thinking about this blog quite a lot more than actually posting (clearly 😛 )  I will blame this partially on not making the time to sit down and post, but also on the fact that I’m not really happy with just continuously posting my own work here. I have other places on-line where you, my lovely friends, can check out what it is I do, keep an eye on current work, and see where life is taking me day-to-day, so I need to mix it up a bit here on the ol’ blog. I will be trying a few new things out over the coming months, so I hope you’ll visit now and then and let me know what you think about the changes!

First up – I simply want to share some inspiration and prettiness with you every once in a while. Because really, one can never have too many nice things to look at, right?

I spend way too many hours a fair amount of time being a lookie-lou on-line and I will admit that after scrolling through stacks of gorgeous images for a while, they all become kinda glazed over. But every now and then, something will jump out at me, and make me want to share it with whoever will look/listen. The most recent piece that did this, and I can’t stop going back to stare at it, is a painting I came across on instagram. It’s a portrait of January Jones, by a London artist whose IG handle is @unskilledworker :

unskilledworker january jones portrait


I have never been great at articulating exactly what it is about a piece of art that moves me, but I can say with certainty that this one made me involuntarily hold my breath for a moment. You may already know that I love faces, so that’s the start of it, but there’s so much more amazing-ness here. I love the simplicity of it, interrupted by a few little details that look realistic & complex. I love the use of bold primary colours (even though I usually steer away from using these in my own work) and mainly, I just find those eyes so very bewitching. What do you think?


Go follow @unskilledworker if this piece gets into your head in the same lovely way it’s stuck in mine.  Here’s a little glimpse at the artist’s instagram feed  which is chalk full of gorgeous…

unskilledworker instagrams



Hope you are all having a beautiful day!





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