A Bevy of Beauties

Oh my goodness, how did it get to be the end of April?!

April is always my busiest month – I get to tour around the province doing my dance portrait work, which I love. But, jeezlouise, it flies by! Anyhoo, in the midst of the busy-ness, I had a lovely Easter weekend. I spent time with my little brother and his fiancee, with a few aunts, uncles and cousins, and with my amazing grandmother, who is 87 years old, and such fantastic company. My parents also recently moved to town, which is pretty great, and not only because Momz made an awesome (and huge) meal for everyone over the weekend. Family time is the best. There’s nothing more comforting when you’re feeling tired or overworked, than a home-cooked meal or a giant mug of coffee consumed while slouching into your parents’ comfy couch.

In addition to the QT with the fam, the long weekend was made even better by a super fun day at the studio. I hosted the daytime portion of a bachelorette party, and I got to photograph 5 stunning young women. The studio was full of giggles, magazines, trays and trays of snacks (Heidi you are amazing!) stories, nail polish fumes, mimosas, tunes, and love. It was just perfect.

These lovely ladies were making a video the whole day of the bachelorette party, so you can check out the funzies at the studio in the first half of this:



Before the shoot, I was tired from a month of working loooong hours, away from home for a lot of it, but this day re-energized me. Thanks so much ladies; it was so lovely to be part of Ange’s bachelorette party 🙂 I can’t wait to share the rest of the results with you! In the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks… xo

(Thanks so much to Linda Sahoo, our make-up artist for the day, and to Erikka Niemi from Simply Me for doing everyone’s hair!) Alexis McKeown Portrait-Bachelorette_0327


Alexis McKeown Portrait-Bachelorette_1


Alexis McKeown Portrait-Bachelorette_2


Alexis McKeown Portrait-Bachelorette_0320_e



Alexis and the Beautiful Bridal Party


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