Something Old, Something New

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that I recently did a crafty little project involving a crazy eighties wedding dress and a whole lotta tulle. Here are a few phone snaps from before we started…

So. Much. Fabric.

So. Much. Fabric.

So. Much. Awesome.

This super fun project came about because after my makeup artist and friend, Michaela started Simply Me – a bridal hair & makeup service – her grandma thought she might need wardrobe for photo shoots, and she started to find dresses like this beast in vintage shops and second hand stores. Michaela’s lovely grandma sent her this dress (and a few others, I think!) in case she could make something useful out of it.

I grew up sewing, a little. Having learned proper seamstress-y skills from Momz , I proceeded to never use those skills, but to still love playing with fabric and safety pins. Another friend of mine, Helena (who you may remember from these beauties) is a whiz with all things couture – she has a degree in fashion design – so I knew just who I would ask to be my P.I.C. for this undertaking. Helena jumped on the chance to take the seem-ripper to this baby.

Here’s how it went!

Alexis McKeown Portrait_Dress Triptych Alexis McKeown Portrait_Dress1 Alexis McKeown Portrait_Dress2


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