Carmentine’s Day

Hello and happy Valentine’s day to all you lovebirds out there.  Welcome to my fresh new wordpress bloggity-blog!

I just wanted to put up a quick post today, dedicated to my dear friend Carmen, aka Carmencitalopezdelaguadeloupe (with jazzhands.) You see, I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, because February 14th is Carmen’s birthday, so we’ve always had more important things to do on this day than buy heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. There is salsa dancing to be done, ridiculous conversations with wild gesticulations to be had, lemon-meringue pie to be eaten, and lessons to be learned about wrestling techniques such as The Full Nelson. So in my world, we will always celebrate Carmentine’s day instead of plain old V-day.

Carmen is one of my favourite people in the world; I’m so lucky to have her in my ‘extended’ family. Not only because she’s caring, intelligent, loyal, interesting & interested, hilarious and insanely fun, but also because she’s always game to help me practice new things in the studio 😉

She’s been my guinea pig from when I first started to learn how to use my strobes in the dance studio (circa 2010)…

Alexis McKeown Dance Photography - Carmen1 Alexis McKeown Dance Photography - Carmen2

…to when I started to really change the way I approached my portrait work, just over a year ago:

Alexis McKeown Portrait - Carmen A Alexis McKeown Portrait - Carmen BHappy birthday my dear friend!! Big hugsnkisses 🙂


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