~ gettin’ arty with it ~

Lately I’ve really been desiring more creativity in my life.  That might sound odd, since I have what most would call a pretty creative career, and don’t get me wrong – I feel super lucky and grateful about the fact that I do have that.  But for the past couple of years I have focused so intently on trying to refine what I do in my business/for clients/etc, that at some point I stopped trying new things, and that is a dangerous place for a creative person to be, I think.

So I have recently been making an effort to seek out inspiration in odd places, to come up with project ideas that are simply for me, not necessarily having anything to do with my business. I have found, in spending some time searching, that I don’t even need to go that far.  In my business, I aim to create beautiful portraits for people – I absolutely love doing that.  I have always been most drawn to images telling stories through bodies, faces & feelings – images of people. Whether they are the Dancers of Lois Greenfield (whose work first inspired my to take my camera rehearsals), or the Icons of Annie Leibovitz (whose work has inspired generations), it’s the human form and the human face that draw me to an image.

Even in my personal projects, I am sure that I want to create images of people.  I have found that I just want to play a little more and maybe tell new/different/more dramatic stories.  This is my first little ‘playful’ project.  As you can see it’s a composite image; I created it on Sunday afternoon in photoshop and I had so much fun doing it, so I had to share it with you 🙂 Thanks for swingin’ by to see it!


037cc-6a0120a535721a970c019affd1fa07970d-piModel: Janelle Greer  |  Make-up Artist/Photo Assistant: Michaela Howie  |  Location: The beautiful Bow River, in Canmore, AB


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