~ meet michaela ~

If you’ve been following along with me on instagram lately, you’ll already know that I have very recently opened a new studio in Canmore, AB.  This is a super-exciting phase for me, and I will definitely be sharing more about the studio itself on the blog very soon, but today I wanted to introduce you to a new friend/co-collaborator/P.I.C, Michaela Howie.

ff6f2-6a0120a535721a970c019aff7aa1e8970c-piAbove: Michaela, at work in the new Canmore studio.

Michaela will be taking care of the make-up and hair for all of my clients in the new space, and I’m so glad to be working with her.  She is a beautiful young woman, inside and out, and her energy is warm and inspiring. (A huge thank-you to Janice from one of my fave studios, Hanson School of Dance, for introducing us!!)

After retiring, last year, from competing as a cross-country skier at the national level, Michaela tells me she was feeling pretty burned out. She realized she’d really been neglecting her creative side, and so she made a decision to nurture that side.  Taking an intensive course in Calgary at Artist Within was the first major step toward her new creative career as a make-up artist.  The first time we worked together was a fun little “test shoot” we did in July, where she had a few of her girlfriends come and be models-for-a-day.  These girls are some of the top athletes in the country; it was so cool to meet them, to hear their stories, and to share a giggly, girlie day with them.


Above: Emily, Zoe & Heidi

One of the girls I met that day, Janelle, came back this past weekend to model for us again; she’ll be featured in my first behind-the-scenes video (coming soon!) This is one of the stunning looks Michaela created for the video shoot….


It’s been so fun for me to get to know Michaela over the past couple of months.  Along with becoming a make-up artist, she’s also started a beautiful blog ~ ashressaday ~ where her and a friend post about beauty, fashion, food, and craft-y projects.  She’s an adventurer and an avid windsurfer, mountain climber, yogi, and appreciator of fine tea & coffee. She’s artistic, delightfully bubbly, and free-spirited, and I am very excited to watch her grow as an artist and as a business woman.

85454-6a0120a535721a970c019aff7a78a8970b-piJust a couple o’ “stand-here-so-I-can-test-the-light-please” shots that I’ve had a wee bit of fun with.

Michaela told me over coffee this afternoon that acknowledging her creative side, and truly embracing make-up as an art form has majorly contributed to her overall happiness and her feeling of living an authentic life… I love hearing stuff like that.

I think we’re going to have tons of fun together 🙂



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