~ shoe party ~

Well, April, May (&June so far) have been amazingly busy and wonderful in my world – how about yours??  I haven’t had much extra time to post over here on “Life Outside the Dance Studio” because I’ve been spending so much time inside the dance studio!  The spring season always brings busy times in the dance world, so I’ve been working like crazy on Class Portraits & Competition Photos.  I have put a few new ones up recently over on my main website, and I plan on adding more soon, so if you want to see some incredible dance dynamos, head over there 🙂

Amidst all of this dance busy-ness, I happily managed to fit a few non-dance projects in here and there.  I had the pleasure of attending a very pretty party at Mayfair Shoes after they completed a beautiful renovation.  Drinking + pastries + shoe shopping all at the same time?  Oh yes.

Here’s a few little pieces of the party.  If you want to check out their new-and-improved space, as well as some cute summer shoes/sandals/bags, you should go visit them downtown in Edmonton City Centre!




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