~ giddy like a school-girl ~

So I’m kind of on a bit of a countdown, leading to the last two weeks of this month which are chalk full of shooting in dance studios, and I have to say I’m super excited about this season’s Dance School Photo Days!

Yeah, I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of new dancers and teachers, and seeing a lot of old friends, but more importantly (kidding!) (not really kidding) I am stoked about putting some of my new gear into action.  The most recent addition (which I am completely freaking out about – I am that much of a nerd) is this gynormous softbox.  I don’t really like to use abbreviated interweb slang but OMG I am pumped to use this thing!  I have a shoot tomorrow evening with Dance Alberta’s Junior Performance Team ~ keep an eye on the ol’ blog for the results…



(It’s a good thing marriage makes for having a built-in assistant to
help me assemble things like this 😛 )


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