~ art show ~

Only people who know me really well know that I’ve got something against taking photos at shows (other than dance shows, of course.)  It comes from an aversion (rooted in my teenage-hood) to doing what all the other chicks with cameras are doing … although I will fully admit to taking one or two photos of my own feet … I digress.

Because of my loyalty to my teen self (otherwise known as my immaturity), I wasn’t really planning on taking any photos tonight during the ECGAS‘s first “Edmonton Show” but then there were some dancers on stage so I couldn’t help myself.  Also performing (and pictured below) – the young Michael Rault, whose tambourine-stomping skills never cease to make me smile, and my new fave rap artist and poet, The Joe.

There were a bunch of really talented and excited young artists performing ~ dancers, musicians, actors ~ and the lobby was full of inspired art, from paintings to photos (yes I do have a couple pieces in the show and this is a shameless plug) and guess what ~ there is another show tomorrow night (Feb 19), so you should go!

. Avenue Theatre ~ doors 6pm ~ show 8pm .




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