~ big rocks and pretty horses ~

I have a feeling that the summer of 2009 will go down as one of my most memorable summers of all time. I have had the fortune of spending loads of time with friends and family who no longer live close-by, pursuing my #1 top hobby (according to my husband Conor) – drinking coffee.  I’ve seen my big dream turn into a little (but fantastic and growing) business.  I’ve danced my butt off at weddings of two of my favorite couples.  I started a photoblog (I mean really, who woulda thought?)  And the list goes on…

Amongst all of this, I had the privilege of going on an amazing trail ride with my Mom and a group of fantastic and wild ladies… (and Denis, who is not a lady but fantastic none-the-less.)  And yes – I’m talking about a trail-ride-as-in-on-the-back-of-a-horse.  Me.  On the horse.  No, I did not die; on the contrary, I had an amazing time.

Our little group was led by Tom Vinson of Horseback Adventures Ltd (Brule) and his capable crew.  There were 30 (!!) horses all together and my horse was named K.O. – Knock-Out – ’cause she was the prettiest one.  The streams were so cold I thought I would never breathe again.  The coffee was exceptional.  And the trip was a once-in-a-lifetime thing – hard to put into words really.

So here’s a glimpse of that adventure…




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